South College

Closed Institution Transfer Grant

You many encounter any number of obstacles on the path to your certificate or degree, but the shutdown of your school shouldn’t be one of them. We can help you stay on track to completing your studies and preparing for a rewarding career, even if the institution you were enrolled in has closed.

Effective from January 2019, the South College Closed Institution Transfer Grant (SCCIT) is available to students transferring to South College from a closed institution.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have been enrolled at a closed institution
  • Been granted admission as a transfer student to South College
  • Begin classes within 12 months of the previous institution closing
  • Not be receiving 100% tuition and fee coverage via VA benefits and/or state, federal, private, or institutional grants or scholarships

Eligibility for the South College Closed Institution Transfer Grant is determined on a term-by-term basis. The South College application fee is also waived for grant recipients. See our Financial Aid and Tuition & Fees pages for more information.

Students to receive the SCCIT Grant must also fulfill certain other requirements, including continuous enrollment in South College through the grant award period and maintenance of a 2.0 GPA for each term of the award period.

 The grant is distributed each quarter, with the following amounts per term:

  • Full-time on campus, full quarter: $1000
  • Part-time on campus, full quarter: $500
  • Part-time on campus 1st 5 weeks or mid-quarter on campus: $500
  • Less than half-time on campus: $250

For transfer students completing their certificate or degree programs via South College online courses, the grant amounts per quarter are:

  • Full-time online: $1000
  • Part-time online: $500
  • Less than half-time online: $250