South College

The South College Promise Grant

South College Promise is a tuition assistance grant funded directly by South College and awarded to qualified recent high school graduates at our Asheville and Atlanta campuses. Recipients receive $3,000 per eligible quarter for a maximum of four quarters. See below for details.

What the Grant Entails

College should give students a better start in their careers, not burden them with student loan debt. To help minimize the amount that students borrow to pay for college, South College provides tuition assistance for eligible undergraduate students. The South College Promise Grant is available for all Associate & Bachelor’s programs available at the Asheville and Atlanta campuses.

Applicants meeting the below requirements will receive this Grant award to be applied to the direct costs of institutional charges for the first four quarters of study. Students must maintain full-time status (12 credit hours) with continuous enrollment through the first four quarters in an undergraduate program of study and must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 for each quarter in order to continue to receive the Grant. Students receiving the South College Promise Grant are not eligible for any additional South College grant. The award amount for this Grant is $3,000 per eligible quarter for a maximum of four quarters to be applied to all eligible institutional charges regardless of federal aid (Title IV) and other aid eligibility.

This Grant is offered to provide assistance for recent high school graduates in order to help keep student loan debt to a minimum.

Please see the Office of Financial Aid or speak with an Admissions Staff representative for more details.

The South College Promise Grant award is subject to change at the discretion of the college. Awards made to eligible students will not change as long as the student maintains eligibility as described above. Students with interruption of enrollment in the award period due to the satisfaction of program prerequisites may apply for an exception to the continuous enrollment requirement. The South College Promise Grant does not have a cash value and will not be considered towards any credit balances that may result from the award.

Who is Eligible?

The South College Promise Grant is a grant program effective November 2017. Recipients of this Grant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a recent high school graduate or homeschooled graduate from an accredited high school or approved home school program (students are required to enroll at South College by the fall term following their high school graduation date.)
  • Have not been previously enrolled at South College with an exception being made for Dual Enrollment students.
  • Declare pursuit of an approved undergraduate program offered at the South College Asheville or South College Atlanta campus (Certificate programs are not eligible).
  • Provide evidence of U.S. citizenship

The Origin of the South College Promise Grant

Beginning November of 2017, the South College Promise Grant was created as a way for the institution to provide our students in North Carolina and Georgia with a similar level of tuition support that our Tennessee students receive as a part of the TN Promise Scholarship program. TN Promise is a publicly funded state scholarship available to students at eligible institutions like South College, but at that time and currently, our students outside Tennessee do not have access to a comparable program in their state.

Since its inception, the South College Promise Grant has been expanded to our Pittsburgh campus students. Dual Enrollment students are able to take advantage of the South College Promise Grant to assist in covering the cost of courses at the Atlanta, Asheville, Indianapolis, Orlando, and Pittsburgh campuses.

After we instituted the South College Promise Grant, the State of North Carolina announced the North Carolina Promise Tuition Plan, which will roll out at 3 state schools beginning in the fall of 2018. The South College Promise Grant is not a part of the North Carolina Promise Tuition Plan program and is not administered or funded by the State of North Carolina. It is much more limited in scope than TN Promise, so we’re glad to be able to offer South College Promise Grant funds to our students directly at our Asheville Campus.

South College remains devoted to giving our students easy access to affordable, high-quality education that will improve their lives and careers, and the South College Promise Grant remains one of the many ways we show that support.