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The South College Competency-Based delivery modality (or CBE) is an innovative educational approach that creates opportunity for students to evidence mastery of required content at their own pace in their own surroundings. This degree-seeking method creates a unique environment for self-starters, working professionals, and students who prefer to learn at their own speed.

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Start your educational journey with our unique and flexible Competency-Based Education graduate-level programs. Review our program list of offerings and choose the one that drives your ambition. With the self-pace of the competency-based education model and the flexibility to study anywhere you are, you will be able to explore a variety of Master’s, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral Certificate programs in business, education, information technology, ministry, and more! You will also receive the benefit of a supportive community of a faculty mentor, advisors, and staff who will partner with you in your pursuit of academic excellence.

About CBE

Our faculty strive to prepare our students for dynamic, diverse, and global opportunities. South College is where you can take your first steps toward pursuing your personal goals and helping your dreams find direction.

Through our CBE program offerings, you can pursue varying levels of Master’s, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral Certificates at a past that suits your lifestyle. No matter your schedule or even where you are located, our subscription-based CBE approach enables you to pursue the path towards your dreams while experiencing the high quality, high-impact education that South College has provided for over 142 years.

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More About CBE

Competency-Based Education

CBE programs are administered via a distance learning format using a faculty model designed for 1:1 faculty/student contact that promotes and involves substantive faculty and student interaction. The faculty engage students through a variety of multimedia resources, discussions, and qualitative and quantitative feedback. Each course requires successful completion of specific formative/summative tasks per competency that must meet or exceed Mastery level in order to progress to the next course. Students accelerate at the pace they choose to work learning through their demonstration of current knowledge and skills already gained from previous education or experience. *(Doctoral degree programs require a dissertation and successful defense of the dissertation.)

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A Unique Subscription Approach to Higher Education

One of the most popular features of our CBE programs is the subscription-based tuition structure which allows for a 6 month “All You Can Master”. This flexible tuition allows for students to go as fast or as slow as lifestyle dictates with a flat subscription fee. The subscription-based structure puts tuition decisions in your hands at your speed.

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