First Responder Grant

South College is grateful for the service and sacrifice of our First Responders.  We are happy to provide the South College First Responder Grant as a way to support our First Responders in the pursuit of their education and skill development.  The qualifications and administrative details of the South College First Responder Grant are described below.

The South College First Responder Grant is available to applicants who meet the following requirements and who are not receiving 100% coverage of tuition and fees under any VA educational benefit and/or state/federal/institutional/private grant or scholarship program.  This Grant is effective beginning Winter quarter 2017.

  • Enter or continue as a South College student at any campus location beginning Winter quarter 2017 or after.
  • Provide proof of current employment or retirement from service as a first responder, including police officer, detective, deputy sheriff, state trooper, highway patrol officer, investigator, inspector, correctional officer, parole or probation officer, park ranger, fire fighter, paramedic, or emergency medical technician.

The South College Application fee is waived for all currently employed or retired first responders who receive this Grant

The South College First Responder Grant is administered as follows:

  • The awarding of the South College First Responder Grant is available to all current or retired first responders, subject to the student being able to submit the appropriate documents to prove eligibility.
  • Eligibility for this Grant is determined on a term by term basis.
  • Students who break enrollment for any reason are subject to updated grant rates as designated by the catalog under which his/her current enrollment falls. The First Responder Grant is subject to change at the discretion of the college. Awards made to eligible students will not change as long as the student maintains eligibility as outlined above and continued enrollment.
  • This Grant is not retroactive and will be applied to eligible students’ accounts starting Winter quarter 2017.
  • The South College First Responder Grant will cover outstanding tuition and fee charges after all other aid has been applied and has no cash value.
  • Students are not eligible to receive the South College First Responder Grant and the South College Military Grant in the same quarter.

South College First Responder Grant Disbursement Schedule Per Term

  • Full Time – $1,000
  • Half-Time – $500
  • Less Than Half Time $250