Admission Requirements

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The OTA program admits to the major curriculum twice per year for Spring quarter and Fall quarter
starts. In order to be considered for starts, all admission materials are due to the OTA Department
Chair. Review of application materials will begin February 1st for Spring quarter and August 1st for
Fall quarter. Applications to the program after the deadline dates will be reviewed if seats are
available for the cohort. Cohort admission is based on clinical rotation availability.

Prospective students applying for admission to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program must meet the
following requirements:

  1. Completion of the general admission procedures as outlined in the South College catalog
    including completion of the application to the college, all required forms, payment of
    application fees, and the completion of a personal interview with an admission
  2. Complete all required prerequisite courses and earn a minimum grade of “C” or better in
    each course.
  3. Attend a required information/advising session provided by the OTA Department Chair.
  4. Submit the Applicant Checklist Form with Signature of Understanding and the OTA Program
  5. Submit proof of at least eight (8) observation hours in a minimum of two (2) different
    settings offering occupational therapy using the form provided by the OTA program.
  6. Be able to commit to full attendance and participation in a rigorous educational program
    which requires class attendance, significant out-of-class preparation time, and clinical
    education assignments off-campus.

Students applying to the AS OTA program MUST be aware of the following:

  1. A felony conviction may affect ability to be placed in a clinical facility for education, to sit for
    the NBCOT Certification Examination, and/or to attain state licensure.
  2. Failure to produce proof of the following and the results in a timely manner will prevent
    completion of fieldwork courses and will result in termination from the program:

Negative TB test
• Hepatitis B vaccination or waiver
• Health release to participate in clinical internships. A physician’s certification that a
student is in good
• general health.
• Other immunizations, such as MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)
• Annual flu vaccine-if required by the clinical site
• Current CPR certification
• Health insurance or signed waiver
• Criminal background check*
• Negative drug screen*

*An additional background check and/or drug test may be required prior to beginning clinical
experiences in the program.

Prospective students transferring credit into the OTA program should refer to the policy for transfer
of credits and consult with the Dean of Academic and Student Services regarding transferability of
credit. There is no guarantee that transfer credit will be given for any courses